Why Wind?

Wind farm projects like Sugar River offer important benefits for the local economy and environment.

Jobs & Revenue

Sugar River will create 150+ temporary construction job and bring up to 5 long term permanent positions during operation.


Economic benefits from a project reach farther than the local participating landowner.  During construction alone, the average project distributes approximately more than $5 Million dollars back into the local community.  Some examples of spending include:

  • Meals at local cafes, restaurants and catering services
  • Fuel from local depot and suppliers (can be in excess of 10,000 gallons per week)
  • Concrete sourced locally from an area contractor
  • Gravel sourced from a local contractor
  • Site up-keep (mowing/grading, etc.) a part-time job typically done by local labor
  • Services like fence and tile installation/repair are sourced locally
  • Housing for construction crew (rental properties, hotels, etc.)

The success of the U.S. wind industry has had a ripple effect on the American economy, supporting a jobs growth rate nine times faster than the average industry. In 2016, there was a record high of more than 100,000 Americans employed in the wind industry with nearly 15,000 full-time jobs added in 2016 alone.

Local Benefits

Tax Revenue

Sugar River will bring in $258,640 per year - County: $150,973 Town: $107,767

*Figures based on WI DOR Shared Revenue Utility Payments  /  Same $/MW as other WI wind projects

Induced/Direct Benefits

  • Meals, fuel, lodging, concrete, gravel, services (site up-keep, tile, fence, etc.)

Philanthropic contributions

  • Schools, first responders, community initiatives



Unlike other sources of electricity that produce harmful emissions and contribute to global climate change, wind energy is a clean, renewable energy source with zero emissions and 500 times less water needs than traditional energy sources.

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